The Library has three locations:

Dermatology (at building Dermatology Clinic, ground floor). Timetable: Mon-Fry:7:30AM-5:00PM
Rheumatology (at VII pavilion, third floor) Timetable: open by appointment
Clinical Sciences (at building Second Medical Clinic, second floor) Timetable: Mon-Fry:7:30AM-4:55PM

It was founded in order to retrieve the bibliographic information to the service of research and teaching, store, organize and develop the documentary heritage, update and disseminate information within the disciplines related to Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties and arrange access its institutional users.

It is also the duty of the library to promote cooperation initiatives with other libraries in order to rationalize purchases and standardize services.


PHONE N.: 0649976917
FAX N.: 0649976918